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Linwood Cemetary

Linwood Cemetary was opened in 1870.  It features tombs and gravestones ranging from simple to grand, beautiful mature groves of trees, and a view overlooking the Mississippi.  A unique feature is the CIVIL WAR Soldiers' Monument.  In 1884, a 24 foot high, granite monument was subscribed commemorating the soldiers and sailors who had served in the Civil War from this area.  On November 5th of that year over 10,000 people assembled for its dedication.  The unveiling was done by Miss Fanny Hayden.  Rev. James Hill, of the Twenty-first infantry, was chaplain, Andrew Young MCDONALD, a twice wounded Civil War Veteran was the speaker of the day.  The monument, topped with the statue of a tired, thoughtful union infantryman, carries the names of the battles in which veterans fought: Antietam, Gettysburg, Atlanta, Vicksburg, Appomattox, and Mobile Bay, Shiloh and Wilson’s Creek.  Below that is carried the famous phrase from Theodore O’Hara’s poem: “…on fame’s eternal camping ground their silent tents are spread.”  Surrounding it are graves of those who fought in wars including: WORLD WAR I, WORLD WAR II, Civil War, SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, KOREAN WAR, VIETNAM WAR, and one from the BLACK HAWK WAR.  (Information from Encyclopedia Dubuque)



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