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For painting vineyards in scenic settings, check out area wineries.



Park Farm Winery

Beautiful setting, beautiful drive


Around the Countryside

Go any direction around Dubuque and you will find beautiful wooded areas, pastures, and farms.  Here are a few suggestions, but you will find many on your own:



Old Massey Road from north end of Mines of Spain to Massey Station



Graf Road and Girl Scout Road area




Hannon Road area




Area Farms

For artists who wish to paint rural settings, there are many beautiful views around the county.  These farm owners have graciously offered their sites forpainting.

Neises Farm

Mathias Neises immigrated from Germany and homesteaded on this farm in the 1860s, building a log cabin (around which the current farmhouse on the site was built) and barn for his growing family. The stone for the foundation was quarried on the farm. The barn is built into the side of a hill, allowing hay to be loaded directly into the upper level while creating space below for dairy cows and horses. In the 1890s an addition to the entire barn was built onto the east end. A silo was added in the 1920s and a cinder block milkhouse was built in the 1940s. David added a modern milking parlor onto the barn in the 1980s. The barn is unrestored, but still features its original unpainted cedar siding, stone foundation, barn doors, and hand-hewn beams held together with wooden pins. The farm has been in the Neises family for seven generations and was designated a Heritage Farm in 2014 (150 years in the same family).

There are several historic structures on the Neises Farm, including a farmhouse and granary dating back to the 1860s, a corn crib, and a machine shed. The farm is nestled down in a valley offering several scenic vistas, and from the top of the hill you can see across the Mississippi into Wisconsin. Artists would be welcome to go anywhere on the farm to paint.



Need to Know: 20987 Mud Lake Rd., Dubuque, IA 52001; 8.5 miles from downtown Dubuque.

From Dubuque, head north on Highway 52 and turn right onto Sherrill Road; look for the Eichman’s BP gas station on the corner. Continue on Sherrill Road about ¼ mile and turn right onto Mud Lake Road. Continue about 2 ½ miles on Mud Lake Road, and veer right at the top of the hill; look for signs to Mud Lake Park. The Neises Farm is the first farm on the left as you go down the hill.


Hemstead Barn

This prairie style barn was built in 1896 for Michael and Mary (Whalen) Seery. Mary was the great-great aunt of the barn’s current owners. It is a small barn, 24 feet wide, 48 feet long and 33 feet tall. Josepf Kofmehl from Farley, IA constructed the barn for Seery on this 40-acre farm. The farm house on the property was removed in the 1970s when Highway 151 was widened. The interior of the east side of the barn contains wood stanchions for milking cows and a pen for calves. The west side has four horse stalls. The interior of the barn is original. The wood floors in the stalls are well-worn but intact. There is a corn crib attached to the back of the barn.


This is a well-restored barn on a small site along the highway. There is also a dilapidated (yet picturesque) old school building on the same site. Artists would be welcome there to paint all week.



hempstead barn from se.JPG



Need to Know:  Owned by Mike Kearney

Northeast corner of Simon Road & Highway 151, Fillmore, IA; 20 miles from downtown Dubuque.

From Dubuque, head south on Highway 151 for approximately 20 miles. The barn is on the right and accessed from Simon Road.

Jack Smith Barn

The Smith barn was built in 1917 by a man named Jack Brehm. Mr. Brehm had a strong reputation in those days as being a real craftsman. Jack Smith’s great great grandfather came to this site in 1853. Jack’s grandfather Joseph Smith operated a sawmill on the property  and the frame for the barn came off the same place. Mr Brehm arrived at the site in the spring of 1917 with the frame that had been prepared over the winter. The labor bill was five hundred dollars. Jack Brehm built several other barns in the Asbury area as well. A barn dance was held in the loft upon completion. Several neighbors signed their names that night in the northeast corner of the loft.  The Smith barn functions on a fully-operational farm, housing some cattle below and hay storage above. The area around the Smith barn is very scenic, especially if you drive further west on Asbury Road and then turn south onto Theilen Road (toward Park Farm Winery) or south onto Bankston Park Road then turn onto Girl Scout Road. These roads twist and turn through the countryside and offer some spectacular vistas



Need to know:  20922 Asbury Rd., Durango, IA; approximately 12 miles from downtown Dubuque.

Go west on Asbury Road from Dubuque until you reach the destination.