Bluff Strokes Mississippi River Art Workshops Paint Dubuque

Schedule of Events

Sunday, Oct 8

Register and stamp materials at Steeple Square (15th & White), Dubuque, IA 52001 between 9am - 4pm.

Monday, Oct 9

Canvas stamping at River Lights Bookstore at 1098 Main St from 10am-6pm all week.

We will be hosting an Artist Picnic at Eagle Point Park (Shiras Ave, Dubuque, 52004) starting at 5:30pm.  Cost is $1 to enter the park.  Come to the Riverside Pavillion where we will have dinner catered from Kalmes (a local favorite).  BYOB and your instruments!  It's just us and we'd love to relax and hang out with you.  Amazing views for painting all around the park.  It's the reason Jillayne agreed to move to Dubuque!


If you have a guest joining you for the picnic, please pay $10 per adult guest at registration.  

  River overlook at Eagle Point Park

 Tuesday, Oct 10


 Wednesday, Oct 11

Nocturne - Meet at  - Paddle Wheel Entrance at 350 E 3rd St.  Stamping from 4:30-5pm.  Painting may start at 5pm. Turn in at Steeple Square on Thursday morning from 8-8:30am.


Thursday, Oct 12

Turn in Nocturne at Steeple Square 8 - 8:30am.


Quick Paint stamping from 8 - 8:30am.  Painting from 8:30am - 11:30am.  Turn in painting at Steeple Square at 11:30am.


Graffiti Paint Out at the Millwork Night Market - This is an "unofficial event", but one that was really fun last year!  Two graffiti artists, "Zore" and "Zor Zor Zor," aka Mario and Anna, will be "writing" on another Hirschbach trailer as well as a Bard Materials Concrete Mixer Drum - right in the middle of Dubuque's new Night Market on 8th St & Jackson St.  There will be food vendors, artists' tents, live music, and a beer tent!  The event starts at 5pm, but the graffiti will start around noon.  We welcome our Bluff Strokes artists to capture the vibrant scene (it WILL NOT rain!) and get the word out about our Patron Sale on Friday the 13th.  Passes will be sold at the Brazen Open Kitchen tent, so direct your viewers to get theirs the night before the sale!  (Paintings from this evening would not qualify for Nocturne judging).

 Friday, Oct 13

Patron Sale at Steeple Square 6-9pm

Turn in your best (3) paintings, plus (1) replacement painting at Steeple Square (15th & White) between 8am-10am.  Please have all the paperwork filled out and framing done before you arrive so we can have a smooth turn-in process, although we will have extra forms and some framing supplies available.  Sign-up sheets can be filled out at registration for volunteers (thank you in advance!) willing to help hang paintings so our juror, Stuart Fullerton, can get to work.  Artists are welcome to hang out if you're helping!  Judging will be announced at 5pm.  Doors open to the Patron Pass holders at 6pm.  We would love to have the artists there to meet your customers and enjoy food, wine and beer on us.  We ask that if you have guests, please pay $10 at registration per adult guest.  

 Saturday, Oct 14

Public Art Sale at Steeple Square 9am-7pm

Fresh Produce at the Farmer's Market 7am-12pm - We will try to hang all art that you produce at the Farmer's Market (roughly 10th to 14th along Iowa St).  These will be added to open spots as they are available.  Check out Fincel's pumpkin cart and the flower stands.  It's a great way to get more people to the sale at Steeple Square!

Painting Pick-up from 7pm-8pm.

Sunday, Oct 15

Painting Pick-up from 8-10am.  Any paintings left without instructions will become the property of Bluff Strokes and will be donated for auction at the Dubuque Museum of Art benefit on November 10.  Any artists willing to help clean up and take down will earn a special place in our hearts!