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Julien Dubuque's Grave


Restrooms: Not available

Food: Not near

Space availability: Plenty of room for several artists to spread out


4th Street Elevator

Dubuque's 3 ft narrow gauge funicular railway, with claims to be shortest in the world. 



Need to Know: $3 round trip.

Restrooms: Public restroom at 5th and Bluff, 1 block away.

Food: Near downtown restaurants.


Dubuque Shot Tower

The Shot Tower consists of a tapered square-cut masonry hollow column form. It stands 120'5" above the current ground level. Seven stories (82’11”) are of Galena Dolemite stone construction, and the uppermost three stories (37’6”) are built of soft red brick.  The load-bearing masonry walls are progressively reduced from a base width of three feet to just one foot at the top of the tower. The base measures 19’2” square, while the cap measures 12’4” square.  Lead was melted at the base of the tower, hoisted to the top, poured through screens of different gauges, tumbling smoothly round as it fell into the water vats below. The shot was then sorted and packed. When completed, the tower could produce between 6 to 8 tons daily, but it was rarely operated at full capacity due to being bought by competitor Chadburne and Forster in 1862.

Shot Tower-Website photo.JPG


Restrooms: Brewery building on Riverwalk

Food: Stone Cliff Winery

Space availability: Be creative



Wartburg Seminary

Lutheran seminary is also a landmark from a distance.  Interesting footnote - composer Felix Mendellsohn was born to a prominent Jewish family which converted to Lutheranism when he was 7.  His great grandson, Paul Leo, a Lutheran pastor, was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp because of his Jewish bloodline, but somehow someone in the church got him out.  He was evicted from Germany, emigrated to Argentina, and eventually came to the US and joined the Wartburg faculty.  His wife, Eva, had studied metalwork in Germany and designed a beautiful set of copper doors that have recently been moved to the inside of the building due to wear.  If you paint here, enter the front doors to view.  The AU used to climb the tower to the clock as a kid, but it is now closed off from the public.

Restrooms: Enter front entrance

Food: None available in area

Space availability: Lots