Bluff Strokes Mississippi River Art Workshops Paint Dubuque

Dubuque is located on the bluffs of the Mississippi River and boasts many spectacular vistas of the river from the bluffs.  Here are some of our favorites.

Julien Dubuque's Grave

This is a historic and iconic setting on the south end of Dubuque, with expansive views of the river to the south and north.


Restrooms: Not available

Food: Not near

Space availability: Several spectular vantage points, but each somewhat limited to a few artists

Eagle Point Park


Need to know: $1 per car entry fee.

Restrooms: Full service park restrooms.

Space availability: Lots of room for multiple painters.

Food: Exit park, take Shiras east to Rhomberg, then left.  Dairy Queen has great malts and shakes.  Point Cafe traditional.  Just past Point Cafe, turn right on Hawthorne, then first right on Shiras, then first left on Shiras to Yardarm and eat nice bar food on the river; Yardarm also has weekend afternoon and evening music. 

Mt. Carmel - Sisters of Charity BVM

The Mother House of the Sisters of Charity BVM overlooks a pristine south facing view of the river and a panoramic view of Dubuque to the north.  SEE NOTE ON WAIVER BELOW.



Need to Know:  As you enter the convent grounds, keep to the left and go to the second canopied entrance (Caritas Center).  You may drop your materials there and then continue driving around the Mother House to parking lot 2, where you will park and then walk back a short distance to Caritas.

You will need a waiver to paint on the grounds.  (Waiver posted here)  Take the waiver to the receptionist at Caritas Center.

Restrooms: Available in Mother House.

Space availability: Lots of room for multiple painters.

Nearest food: Check out East Mill Bakery on Grandview and Bryant.  For many years, this was known as the Milk House, and many Dubuquers think of this with fond remembrance.  But when the Au was growing up, it was Sullivans' grocery, with a great candy counter for Bryant (public) and St. Columbkille's (Catholic) grade schools nearby.  The Sullivans lived upstairs.  Great pic of Emmet S now in the Bakery.  Excellent breakfast and lunch sandwiches, quiche, salads. 

Also, Hy Vee deli - Grandview to 61 N, take Locust St exit.



Cleveland Park

Interesting small park with great perspective of Highway 20 Bridge. 



Need to know: Take Rush Street from Bryant - the view as you top the hill is breathtaking.  Then left at the T intersection to the park.

Restrooms: Nearest are at Day's Inn across the highway on Bryant.

Food: East Mill Bakery, Bryant and Grandview has great breakfast and lunch sandwiches.  Customers can use the restrooms there, but they get a lot of walkers, bikers, runners, so discourage non-customers.

Space availability: Might be tight for more than a few artists.