Bluff Strokes Mississippi River Art Workshops Paint Dubuque

Bluff Strokes 2017 Award Structure
Amount   Category Place Sponsor
$2,000.00   General Purchase Prize Bluff Strokes Purchase Prize
$1,000.00   Overall 1st place  
$750.00   Overall 2nd place  
$500.00   Overall 3rd place  
$350.00   Overall Artists choice  
$250.00   Overall Merit  
$250.00   Overall Merit  
$250.00   Overall Merit  
$250.00   Overall Merit  
$250.00   Overall Merit  
$300.00   Historic Dubuque 1st place Dubuque Heritage Works
$200.00   Historic Dubuque 2nd place Dubuque Heritage Works
$300.00   University of Dubuque 1st place University of Dubuque
$200.00   University of Dubuque 2nd place University of Dubuque
$300.00   Grand Opera House 1st place Grand Opera House
$200.00   Grand Opera House 2nd place Grand Opera House
$150.00   Bicycle 1st place Midwest Cycling Development Fndn
$100.00   Bicycle 2nd place Midwest Cycling Development Fndn
$300.00   Mississippi Overlook 1st place  
$300.00   Riverfront Scene 1st place  
$300.00   Industrial Scene 1st place  
$300.00   Poetic 1st place  
$300.00   Quick Paint 1st place  
$200.00   Quick Paint 2nd place  
$100.00   Quick Paint 3rd place  
$300.00   Nocturne 1st place  
$200.00   Nocturne 2nd place  
$100.00   Nocturne 3rd place  
Themed Award Definitions    
Mississippi Overlook - View from a bluff top that includes some portion of the Mississippi.
Riverfront - View from below the bluffs that includes some portion of the Mississippi.
Historic Dubuque - Painting of a pre-WW2 building.  May focus on an architectural feature or a complete structure.
University of Dubuque - Any recognizable scene on the UD campus  
Grand Opera House - View highlighting the Grand Opera House building
Bicycle - Work featuring a bicycle.    
Industrial - View highlighting Dubuque's industrial heritage, including factory, railroad, barge, etc.
Poetry -  Elicits an emotional response in the viewer to its atmosphere or mood.  May be pastoral, spiritual, urban gritty, or humorous.   This award presents an opportunity to recognize a “quality of beauty with intensity of emotion regarded as characteristic of poems.”