Bluff Strokes Mississippi River Art Workshops Paint Dubuque

Quick Paint Thursday, October 12, 8:30 - 11:30am



We called the audible and here is the new date and time!

You will turn in your Nocturne from Wednesday at this same time and place.


Stamping for the Quick Paint will be on Thursday from 8 - 8:30am at Steeple Square.

You may have multiple canvases stamped, but only one may be submitted for judging.

Stamped paintings must be turned in to Steeple Square (15th & White) by 11:30am to be considered for the Quick Paint prizes.

All the same rules for sizes, media, framing, signatures and hanging apply.  (See Prospectus for details)

Awards will be:  $300 First Prize, $200 Second Prize, $100 Third Prize