Bluff Strokes Mississippi River Art Workshops Paint Dubuque

Mississippi Riverwalk

The Mississippi Riverwalk is a 1/2 mile walkway atop Dubuque's flood wall at the Port of Dubuque.  It runs from the Ice Harbor in the south to the Dubuque Rail Bridge in the north, and affords spectacular views of the Mississippi River, rail and road bridges, and Dubuque's downtown.  At the north end is the Star Brewery building, which houses Stone Cliff Winery and is fronted by a large amphithearter.  There, you can descend from the riverwalk to amphitheater level, cross the under the railroad abutment, then ascend back up to the levee for more spectacular views, including Dubuque's Shot Tower (see Landmarks), and some interesting barge docking and loading activity.


Need to Know:  If you are interested in painting excursion boats, the Riverwalk is the center of excursion boat activity in Dubuque.  A number of boats operate out of Dubuque for short excursions, and a number of large boats dock in Dubuque as part of longer excursions.  Information about excursion boat touring, including docking schedules for larger boats can be found HERE.  The Twilight is shown docked in Dubuque above.

Restrooms:  Available in hotel, winery

Food:  Winery serves pizzas and appetizer menue; restaurants in hotel and ice harbor area

Space Availability:  Lots of space for artists to spread out

Miller Riverview Campground

This park and campground offers up close settings on the river, as well as nice views north to the lock and dam and south under the Wisconsin bridge.  This seems to be a favorate spot for Dubuqers to sit in cars and enjoy the views.